Growth in Living Planet Index Database Records

Growth in number and representation of records and species in the Living Planet Index database

The Living Planet Index (LPI) uses primary data on vertebrate species populations to track trends in abundance. The database that holds this underlying data for the LPI has an additional role as a resource for global biodiversity research and has been used in a variety of research papers (see These types of primary data are fundamental for understanding global biodiversity change and informing models which predict future trends. The accumulation of data in the LPI database indicates the availability of population data by country, providing knowledge to monitor and manage biodiversity, and also to promote awareness and provide data for education and research.


The database behind the Living Planet Index started solely as the repository for data in the Living Planet Index; it has since developed into a resource of its own and is now used widely in conservation and research. The purpose of this indicator is to show the changing availability of primary data for anyone to use for decision making, monitoring and research in conservation.

Relevance to Target 20

The LPI database is directly relevant to Target 20 as it is a source of “relevant knowledge”. The data accumulation indicates the amount of primary data on species populations available for general use in research, monitoring impact and for communication.