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Meet the Team


Robin Freeman - Head of Indicators and Assessments Unit

Robin Freeman

Head of Indicators & Assessments unit

Louise McRae - Postgraduate Research Assistant

Louise McRae

Project Manager

Stefanie Deinet - PGRA

Stefanie Deinet

Postgraduate Research Assistant

Valentina Marconi - Research Assistant

Valentina Marconi

Postgraduate Research Assistant

Jonathan Loh - WWF International

Jonathan Loh

WWF International

Helen Muller - PGRA

Helen Muller

Postgraduate Research Assistant







Previous staff and interns


Harriet Milligan Victoria Price
Danielle Kopecky Peter Hill
Mariam Turay Hannah MacGregor
Suzie Marshall Jo Roche
Tanja Lumetsberger Ffion Cassidy
Antony Brown Elizabeth Robinson
Charlie Howarth Adriana De Palma
May Shirkhorshidi Robyn Manley
Ellie Trezise Julia Latham
Sarah Evans Jenny Beschizza
Charlotte Outhwaite Nicola Harrison
David Jacoby Jenny Martin
Sarah Whitmee Tharsila Carranza
Carolyn Thompson Fiona Pamplin
Jonathan Gunasekera Rachel Burrows
Nicole Maddock Gayle Kothari
Ben Collen Olivia Daniel
Audrey Bourgois Annemarie Greenwood
Amy Munro-Faure Hannah Peck
Michael Taylor Sandra Tranquilli
Louise Raggett  



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